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University Admission 2021 | High School CCH

In the year in which the number of students in higher education reached a record of almost 64,000 applicants, the highest annual growth rate in the last decade, it is with great satisfaction that we announce the success of our grade 12 students who were part of the approximately 49 thousand entries in the 1st phase.


Although the averages of Entry to Higher Education remain quite high in most courses nationwide, around 80% of students who completed secondary education at St. Peter's International School entered the first two application options and about 95% in the first three options.




Completed secondary education             95 students

Honour Awards                                         33 students

Average above ore qual to 19                    9 students

Highest average achieved                         19,8 values



Although there was a large number of admissions (47.3%) in the STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics areas, in the Admissiom to Higher Education 2021 competition, students from grade 12 of the Scientific-Humanistic Courses also entered in large numbers in the humanities field.

About 2%, were very indecisive in choosing the area to follow, and decided to take a GAPYEAR.


In the Sciences, it was in the field of engineering that there were more admissions, with nineteen students, although ten students opted for the health field. The engineering areas most sought by our students this year were in the area of ​​information technology, one of the areas that belongs to the zero unemployment ranking, and it was in the course of Electronics and Computers Engineering that the highest number of admissions was registered at the Instituto Superior Technician (IST). It was also at this institution that admission to the Technological Physics course was verified, one of the highest averages in the country (last place equal to 18.95 points). Most students entered the Lisbon region, but there were also those who chose the Faculty of Engineering of Porto to study.


Five of the students enrolled in Medicine, in Lisbon and Porto, at the Abel Salazar Institute of Medical Sciences (ICBAS), where the last-placed classification was the highest in the country, identified with the highest average in recent decades to enter a course of Medicine, according to data from the Directorate-General for Higher Education.

19,03 Medicine University of Porto - ICBAS

18,35 Medicine University of Lisboa

17,58 Veterinary Medicine University of Lisboa

16,60 Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Lisboa

With regard to the Humanities, it was in the areas of Communication (22.2% of students) and International Relations (22.2%) that there were the highest number of admissions, mostly to University Nova de Lisboa (UNL) and University Católica de Lisboa (UCP) as the preferred institutions. UCP awarded, for another consecutive year, scholarships based on academic merit.


In the area of ​​Economics, despite the fact that Management is the most sought by our students (68%), the Mathematics Applied to Management and Economics courses are also an option in addition to the information technology area linked to management (24%). The University of Lisbon, ISCTE and ISEG and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, are the most occupied by our students.

In the Arts, for another consecutive year, there has been more admission into the Design area (product, communication, equipment, fashion). The Faculties of Fine Arts and Architecture were the most chosen by our students.


Congratulations to our students who, despite having experienced such adverse times, were always at our side, accepting the challenge of achieving their goals.

We would like to thank the families for continuing to trust and collaborate with the school, in this project that, being demanding, continues to prepare young people for all the challenges of Higher Education.