Head of Pedagogy

Mrs. Ana Rita Sousa | Head of Pedagogy

The school currently includes a multidisciplinary teaching team, who is experienced and qualified to create innovative and challenging learning environments, in all teaching areas.

Throughout our existence, we have never stopped growing, innovating, modernising and investing in a diverse and multicultural educational context, responding to the needs and expectations of our students who come from all over the world.

Our teaching activity is planned as a team, seeking to achieve academic success, giving value to education with the aim to continuously improve quality of teaching.

We develop formal, fun and artistic learning activities, based on interpersonal relationships and meaningful content, which provide support to our students while building their knowledge of the world and simultaneously discovering themselves.

We accompany our students, from Kindergarten to Secondary School, promoting a systematic and methodical work ethic, treating each student as a unique and independent individual, enabling him/her to live an active life in a diverse society, in an inclusive and sustainable manner.

Mrs. Ana Rita Sousa
Head of Pedagogy