A quarter of a century ago, St. Peter’s International School was born. It began with small steps, but with a big dream. It had the ambition to become a institution of reference in the field of education in Portugal. From the dream to the realisation, we have taken long and arduous steps. Creating, growing, thinking, reflecting, building and realising require concerted work, a sometimes almost superhuman capacity for resilience, a vision without walls and a team made up of determined and capable people, with determination and resolve.

A quarter of a century ago, we were born to build the future generations of thinking men and women, critical of themselves and of society, competent, serious, dreamers and humanists. A quarter of a century ago, the first stone of an institution that wanted to be, think and mark teaching in Portugal was placed.

Today, we are that dream fulfilled, that brand that forges generations of thinking and critical men and women, who dream like us, of a more just and wiser society, country and world. Today, we are what we aspired to be a quarter of a century ago. Today, the dream is still alive and, in spite being fulfilled, we want to be more, we want to do more and we want to create and achieve more. We are and will always be dissatisfied, because the will to surpass one’s limits is innate for those who challenge themselves, for those who think and reflect about themselves, about others, about society and about the world around them.

I am sure that we will be more, accomplish more and that the young people educated at St. Peter’s International School will be ready and able to understand and overcome the challenges that the world will bring them.

Together we will remain strong, resilient, dreamers and believers that we will always do more and better so that the dream continues to be fulfilled.