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With determination and commitment to always provide the best education to our students, St. Peter’s International School has developed our Secondary Education curriculum with the same criteria of rigour and demand present in the previous teaching levels, proposing a level of excellence that guarantees our students entry into Higher Education in the courses and Universities that they aspire to. 

Our secondary school students have access to an impressive teaching programme that offers a high level of excellence, with a personalised curriculum and an extensive language programme. 

Our continued presence of national school rankings demonstrates our constant drive to provide students with the best opportunities to not only access an inclusive education, but increase their options for the future with careers and university counselling. 

Why Choose Our Secondary School in Setúbal?

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Vanda Ramos

Head of Secondary School

The outstanding Secondary education at St. Peter’s allows students to continue their studies by creating a personalised curriculum tailored to their academic interests. 

Throughout this stage, Secondary students develop soft skills that enrich their understanding of their chosen subject areas and make learning meaningful and relevant to their everyday lives. Additionally, the specialist support provided to orient their school career towards higher education helps students to make a conscious choice of the university course they wish to follow. 

To support our Secondary learners in their digital competency, the Secondary curriculum seeks to develop computational thinking through the integration of programming and robotics activities. This innovative course offers an exciting opportunity for cross-curricular STEAM learning, as pupils learn how to employ simple algorithms with their Maths and Science knowledge to operate robots. 

Senior students have access to a notable language certification programme, offering essential linguistic skills that are highly favoured in today’s global marketplace. Following the example of the best international schools, our Secondary provision has been extended to include Classical studies, which enable students to study classical languages and literature.

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Secondary Education Programme


Senior learners access an impressive Secondary education programme that proposes a high level of excellence. 

Secondary Education is oriented towards preparing students for higher-level studies and aims to deepen their knowledge in their chosen academic area. At our school, students are guided by a dedicated and competent teaching staff who provide systematic support in acquiring the skills and content across various subjects. 

The Secondary school syllabus is structured to offer a diverse range of subjects. The general component of the National Curriculum programme includes English, Portuguese, Philosophy and Physical Education, with each component offering 3 subjects. As a bilingual school, our Secondary provision totals 12 subjects, half of which are language-based. In Grade 12, the curriculum extends to include two new subjects, giving students a range of choices to select from, according to their preferences. 


In addition, students following the national curriculum can take part in Programming and Robotics, aligning with the school's educational project. Emphasising the importance of developing advanced language skills, the school ensures continuity and progression in linguistic abilities. Secondary school students also have the possibility to obtain official certifications from the British Council, Instituto Cervantes, Goethe-Institut, and the Confucius Institute by taking the respective exams. 

At the secondary school level, our goal is to foster knowledge through study, training, debate, hypothesis formulation, and problem-solving. We aim to progressively encourage greater autonomy, initiative, and independence in our students.  

Secondary School Activities

As an institution guided by principles that promote the holistic development of the individual, we offer our students a wide range of extracurricular activities. These activities are organized with the aim of fostering artistic development and encouraging participation in sports. In view of a greater focus on international competition opportunities, student access to sports facilities can be made upon request. 

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Arts and Sports Activities

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Projects and Field Trips

Secondary School Assessment

The school employs dynamic and personalised teaching methods to ensure the academic success of students. In this regard, evaluation plays a fundamental role in identifying strengths and weaknesses, enabling educators to develop individualised strategies for continuous progress.

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Secondary School Assessment Process

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Internal Assessment

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External Evaluation

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Preparation for Language Exams

Secondary learners may attend Exam Preparation Classes. Language sessions take place after scheduled lessons and allow students to acquire advanced certification in English, German and Spanish. Foreign languages are expected to develop to a high standard and language skills are practised regularly, enabling Secondary School learners to obtain official certificates issued by the British Council, the Instituto Cervantes, the Goethe-Institut and the Confucius Institute.

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Our Teachers 

The Secondary School team comprises a group of experienced and dedicated teachers who consistently contribute to maintain our position as one of the best schools in the country for Secondary education.  

In addition to regular classes, we offer a range of pedagogical support sessions that allow for a more personalized approach. These sessions involve discussing concepts, solving exercises, and developing effective individual study methods. 

Moreover, we provide specialized preparation for national secondary school exams, aiming to ensure optimal results for our students. By doing so, we increase their chances of gaining admission to the university or higher education courses of their choice. 

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Excellent Academic Results

The external assessment results have helped consolidate St. Peter's into the top of the school rankings over the years.

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Scientific-Humanistic Courses

As far as the Portuguese curriculum is concerned, the curricular organization at the Secondary School level is supported by the Scientific-Humanistic Courses. These courses, aimed at the pursuit of higher-level studies, have a duration of three academic years, corresponding to the 10th, 11th and 12th years of schooling, conferring a diploma of completion of the secondary level of education.

The curricular provision of the Scientific-Humanistic Courses integrates:

  • A general component, common to all courses, which aims to build the personal, social and cultural identity of our students and includes the subjects Portuguese, Foreign Language I, English, Philosophy and Physical Education, all of which are compulsory.
  • The specific component, which aims to provide consistent scientific training in the area of the respective course, includes, in addition to the mandatory three-year subjects, two biennial subjects and two annual subjects, whose choice and combination is the responsibility of the student, according to the desired path.

The subjects from the general component are compulsory and common to all courses; it is in the subjects of the specific component that the courses are diversified.

In Secondary Education, Classical Studies is a subject that emphasizes learning aspects related to Ancient Greece and Rome. It focuses on the study of classical languages and literature, politics, ancient Greek society, and the Roman Empire. Additionally, it explores the cultural expressions of these civilizations, including art, religion, law, architecture, biology, medicine, chemistry, and ancient philosophy. The subject also aims to develop enlightened critical thinking skills and highlights the undeniable influence of these ancient civilizations on the modern world. 

With the integration of this subject into the curriculum, St. Peter’s International School became the first school in Portugal to provide all students of different areas with the study of antiquity, following the example of the best international schools.

The programme is taught in collaboration with the Centre for Classical Studies of the Faculdade de Letras of the University of Lisbon, as well as the Clenardus Association: Promotion and Teaching of Classical Languages, a partner of the General Directorate of Education, and the Cambridge School Classics Project of the University of Cambridge.

The curricular programme also includes the Citizenship and Development component, which falls within the scope of various subjects, themes, and projects, under the coordination of the Form Teacher. 

The alterations made to the principles of curricular organization (published in Decree-Law no. 55/2018) give secondary school students the possibility of choosing their own course through the exchange and substitution of subjects, respecting the specific and scientific components of each course. 


University Access

At our international school, students graduate with excellent results, enabling access to world-leading colleges and universities. At Inspired schools, 30% of students gain acceptance to an Ivy League or Russell Group institution, often with scholarships. Additionally, 90% of graduates attend their first-choice university due to their high-quality qualifications and help from student services. 

As part of our school's academic provision, every student receives exceptional personalised university and career support to help them on their paths towards success. A dedicated team of university counsellors works closely with learners and their families during the selection, application and admissions process, helping young adults make the best decisions for a fulfilling future in Portugal and across the globe. 

Students may also access expert tuition and academic support from our exclusive partners, The Classroom Door and Arete, to supplement our university counselling. 

The requirements for applying for higher education, in the academic year 2023-24, are those set out in the document available on the button below. Higher education institutions should be consulted to ascertain their respective requirements.

The requirements for applying for higher education, in the academic year 2022-23, are those set out in the document available on the button below. Higher education institutions should be consulted to ascertain their respective requirements.


The entrance exams that are required for each course are stipulated by each higher education establishment for each of its courses, and can be from one to a maximum of three exams. Alternative cases may exist.

The entrance exams required for each higher education course, in each educational institution, are published on the website of the Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior.

Entrance Exams

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES), announced the new dates that regulate the national application process to higher education, which was postponed by two weeks.This will take place on the following dates:

We recommend you consult the following website for more detailed information.

Application Calendar

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