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Abigail Lewis

Head of School

“It is my pleasure to welcome you to St. Peter’s International School  

At St. Peter’s, we have a passion for education and a commitment to excellence. Guided by the principles of Rigour, Responsibility, and Respect, our mission is to maximise the potential of each student, fostering the growth of well-rounded and independent individuals who are prepared to embrace their future as global citizens. 

With over 30 years’ experience, St. Peter’s International School delivers a first-class international education for children aged four months to 18 years. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum offering the Portuguese National Curriculum in our bilingual National Section as well as the internationally accredited Cambridge curriculum leading to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) in our International Section. Additionally, students can opt for flexible boarding in our modern boarding house offering a holistic education which develops independence and a spirit of community. 

I believe that St. Peter’s provides a competitive, high-quality response to the diverse needs of our students. We lay the foundation for children’s growth, empowering them to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

My staff and I warmly invite you visit our school to find out more about St. Peter’s International School and what it has to offer.”



30 Years Proudly Delivering a Nationally-Leading, Prime Multilingual Education

At St. Peter’s International School, we are dedicated to building futures through competitive, high-quality education that prioritises the child’s integral development.

St. Peter’s is surrounded by the stunning sea and mountain views of Palmela, Setubal, just 30 minutes from Lisbon. As a top-ranked school in Portugal, local and overseas entrants aged 4 months to 18 years enjoy a bespoke education that enables them to flourish in a holistic, bilingual learning environment.

Our expansive 37,000 sqm campus is an idyllic educational setting for 1,500 children and young adults in our student body, all of whom are supported with specific learning objectives to guide their path towards discovery. Across the school’s fully-equipped indoor and outdoor spaces, children receive interactive lessons to support all aspects of their development.

St. Peter's International School offers the Portuguese curriculum from Preschool to Secondary, but also provides the option of an international education. We deliver the Cambridge curriculum from Grade 7 (Lower Secondary & IGCSE), and the globally-recognised International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for senior students. Starting in September 2023, we will provide the choice to follow the Cambridge International Curriculum for Grades 1 and 5. We will gradually expand this offering to include the remaining years of the Cambridge Primary curriculum in subsequent years.

Mission & Values

St. Peter’s is an international school that provides a competitive, high-quality response to the needs of a diverse population. Its fundamental principles are centred on the integral development of the child and emphasise academic and professional success based on attitudes, practices and values that contribute to the growth of the individual.

Our mission is to develop autonomous and well-rounded students, enabling them to maximise their full potential through exceptional learning and personal development, preparing them for the future, whatever it may hold.

St Peter’s core values are centred on the integral development of each student, valuing academic and personal success, based on Rigour, Responsibility and Respect of the individual, the community and the world.


Educational Philosophy

In a world that is constantly changing and in a society that advances at an ever-increasing pace, education has taken on a leading role with a heightened sense of social responsibility. Our educators strive to instil key principles in our student body. They cultivate a positive learning environment in which children are encouraged to become people of integrity. We expect students to be rigorous, respectful and responsible and are committed to helping them attain academic excellence, relevant knowledge, and life-long social and relationship skills.


Given the cosmopolitan nature of our school in Setubal, the English language holds significant importance in our educational setting. It is incorporated into the curriculum starting from Kindergarten all the way through Secondary School. Furthermore, the acquisition of other languages such as Spanish and Mandarin Chinese is also crucial. These languages enable students to develop a profound comprehension of the foundations of Western civilization and provide exposure to diverse worldviews and cultural realities. This facilitates a transdisciplinary assimilation of knowledge and values, while also fostering enhanced competitiveness in the job market.

At the Secondary School level, students continue their tuition with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme – a two-year academic programme recognised by the most renowned universities around the world as the pre-university approach that best prepares young adults for entry into higher education. On the other hand, we aim to develop an appreciation of the various art forms by encouraging creativity. It is also our ambition to promote healthy lifestyles, physical activity and sports while instilling safe conduct in our students so that these elements can be practised in their daily lives.

Finally, in accordance with our guiding principles, we reiterate the great importance we give to fostering values and affections that instil a cognitive, moral and aesthetic sensibility in our students. As such, by exploring the critical spirit of every learner, we aim to promote responsibility, autonomy, citizenship and solidarity in each member of our student community.

History - 30 Years of Experience

St. Peter's International School was founded in 1993, fulfilling the dream of Isabel and Armando Simão, who aspired to create a distinguished educational institution in Portugal.

The Simão family has always pursued the mission of building self-reliant, critical, creative students, who have the necessary skills and abilities to perform well at a personal, social and professional level, thus allowing them to pursue their studies, and actively integrate into a rapidly changing and increasingly globalized society.

In 2019, as the school celebrated its 25th anniversary, St. Peter's International School joined the Inspired Education Group, becoming a part of this world-leading group of premium schools and embracing a global community.


St. Peter's School opens. Kindergarten & Primary School students enrol.


Opening of the new 5th Grade Pavillion.
Opening of Junior School.


Opening of Secondary School division.


Honoris Causa Award


St. Peter's School celebrates its 25th birthday. New Nursery and Kindergarten building opens.


St. Peter's School joins the Inspired Education Group, commencing a global partnership.


Opening of School Boarding House.

best international school in Lisbon

Learning for Life: The Very Best Combination of the Portuguese National & International Curricula

St. Peter's International School is proud to offer the best educational option in the Setúbal region across the Preschool, Primary, Junior, Middle, SecondaryCambridge and IBDP stages. We offer the national curriculum across all years, and students may follow the international curriculum from Grade 7. From September 2023, we will also provide children in Grades 1 and 5 with the option of following the international curriculum. We will gradually offer the complete Cambridge Primary curriculum in the following years.

All National curricula have been certified by the Portuguese Ministry of Education and are delivered through a bilingual, personalised, child-centred approach that helps students develop and apply their skills at every stage.

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We are consistently placed at the top of national rankings, reflecting a track record of excellent academic results and an exceptional student acceptance rate to top national and overseas universities. Our school is highly recommended by both alumni and current families, and we look forward to opening the doors of success for your child.

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