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Welcome Back to the International Section

On Friday, 17th September, students from the International Section attended the first day of school for this academic year.


The morning was marked by an introduction to the school and the International Section, by the Head of IS, Mrs. Telma Fresta, and the afternoon was spent with an activity that involved all students across all year groups.

To welcome Cambridge Lower Secondary (CLS), IGCSE and IB newcomers, IB1 students lead an activity to introduce colleagues from the international section to the campus, but also to get to know each other and form friendships. The activity saw groups of newcomers being led by an IB1 student, around 10 different location within the school, to show them the premises and to explain a bit of its history. Some of these places had team-building activities ready for them, which encouraged students to interact and to become more comfortable around each other, with students from different years groups, these ranging from grade 7 (CLS 7) to grade 11 (IB 1).

The student-led activity demonstrated the principles that guide the International Section: collaboration and resilience. The aim was to make students feel comfortable with each other, ultimately to instil the sense of community that the International Section holds.

To the students who were already here last year, welcome back! To the newcomers, welcome to St. Peter's International School, and welcome to the International Section. We are very glad to have you with us!

Sérgio Ribeiro (IB1)