The Middle School at St. Peter’s

At our Middle School in Palmela, Setúbal, students are challenged to work with increased autonomy as they transition to a more complex educational context. Middle School provides continuity to the work developed in the previous years by taking on a very humanistic but extremely challenging approach from an intellectual and relational point of view.

Students are introduced to new working groups and become extremely capable across subjects. They build new relational experiences with their peers and the pedagogical team, and work in a cohesive, kind and committed manner. Students are encouraged to work autonomously, following a syllabus that has been adapted to a context of greater academic precision. Learners are challenged to take a proactive and critical role in the teaching-learning process which emphasizes their contribution, through responsibility and freedom towards values and growth.

In Grade 9, we provide vocational support to students through School and Career Guidance. The aim is to assist them in selecting the scientific-humanistic course in Secondary Education that best aligns with their vocational interests and skills, while also considering their future university and professional aspirations. Additionally, at the end of Grade 9, students take the final cycle exams in Portuguese and Mathematics, which are national exams. The school ensures that students are adequately prepared for these exams.

Why Choose Our Middle School in Palmela?

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Pedro Mata

Head of Junior & Middle School

In Middle School, we build upon the work carried out in the previous school cycle by progressively increasing the complexity of the content and themes covered. We also provide intellectually and socially challenging experiences that are highly enriching from an educational standpoint. Students are encouraged to work autonomously and adapt to a more complex and academically rigorous environment.

The classroom environment is dynamic and promotes active learning approaches. Sessions for remedial and reinforcement purposes are conducted to address any gaps in knowledge and understanding. Additionally, study methods and techniques are taught to enhance students' competencies in these areas. These efforts contribute to the acquisition of progressively more sophisticated and consolidated skills, preparing students for Secondary Education. 

English language education continues to be highly emphasized across all subject areas. Students can take the University of Cambridge international certification exams at the end of each school year. In Grade 9, they can aim for the F.C.E. (First Certificate in English) exam, or even the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) exam, achieving a significant milestone in their English language proficiency. 

During Grade 9, School and Career Guidance sessions are offered, providing valuable information on vocational profiles and aptitude assessments. This guidance supports students in making informed decisions regarding their future educational paths at the end of Middle School. 

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Middle School Programme

Grade 7 to Grade 9 

The Middle School curriculum offers an increased degree of complexity in the contents and topics covered. Intellectual and relational challenges also increase, providing students with an experience of diversified activities that are extremely enriching from an educational point of view.

St. Peter’s follows the guidelines issued by the Portuguese Ministry of Education and teaches the official curricula in each subject. However, it assumes a differentiated curriculum structure, introducing several subjects – Spanish or German, Drama, Literature, and Public Speaking, as well as Coding and Robotics - that enrich the Middle School curriculum and, consequently, the school’s educational project. 

In Middle School, we conduct regular school assembly sessions to explore the themes of Citizenship and Development. These sessions provide a platform for students to engage in various activities and express their needs, interests, and expectations. Throughout these interactions, students’ mental and physical well-being as well as their moral safety are always prioritized, taking their best interests into consideration

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Middle School Teachers

Our team is made up of teachers with scientific and pedagogical training, national and international teaching experience. They are fully dedicated and empathetic towards the students and their parents, making themselves readily available to support their needs. 

Form teachers and educational teams foster consistent and thorough work using differentiated teaching methods, striving for success while treating each student as a unique and independent being. We are an interdependent team committed to a multi-subject approach. Our mission is to improve the quality of teaching and overall success. 

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English Language Curriculum

The English language plays a very significant part in Middle School, as its role assumes an extensive curriculum. The work started in Junior School continues, oral and written communication is stimulated, with the aim of providing students with the specific skills for fluent and effective communication. At the end of each school year, students are able to successfully take the University of Cambridge international certification exams, with the F.C.E. exam (First Certificate in English), typically taken in Grade 9, or even the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English). 

Middle School Activities

The dynamic classroom environments, along with re-education and content reinforcement sessions, as well as sessions focused on developing competencies in study methods and techniques, contribute to the acquisition of increasingly consolidated skills. These initiatives prepare students for a smooth transition to Secondary Education and ensure their readiness for a complete engagement in the curriculum. 

In addition, various activities such as the Open Day, designed to welcome new students, Summer Fun events, inter-class and inter-school sports tournaments, and artistic performances through the Drama Club, provide opportunities for students to integrate into different groups. Engaging in these activities leads to significant improvements in their social skills. 

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Project Work

In Middle School, group project work and communication in several languages continue to be worked on. Students are encouraged to show a collaborative attitude, where the ability to solve problems, critical spirit, divergent and analytical thinking and digital literacy continue to be part of the strategies that support learning and inclusion. 

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Culture & Heritage

With a multicultural school ethos and the implementation of effective relational practices, our school maintains a strong emphasis on sports, arts, and subject-specific knowledge. These elements are consistently present in our educational approach, which continually adapts to current pedagogical models. However, we also remain firmly connected to classical culture, ensuring a well-rounded education for our students. 

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Literature & Performance

In Middle School, English Literature, Drama and Public are fundamental areas of study, not only in the linguistic sense, but also as a means of experiencing Anglo-Saxon culture. For this purpose, students study the great classics of English Literature while also enjoying the work of contemporary writers. They analyse characters, carry out discussions, oral presentations and stage representations to give way to artistic expression of a humanistic nature. 

Middle School Programme Assessment

The Middle school internal assessment focuses on the national curricula, according to the specific criteria of each subject. Assessment is an important component and regulator of the educational process which enables the continuous collection of information which, once analysed, supports appropriate decisions to further the improvement of the quality of learning. 

The criterion for assessment is the responsibility of each department, according to the guidelines issued by the Portuguese Ministry of Education. At the beginning of each school year, curriculum assessment guidelines are given to the educational community in line with current regulations. Assessment results help to adapt the teaching-learning process, if necessary, and classify students. 

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Middle School Assessment Process

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Internal Assessment 

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External Assessment

Additional Services for Middle School Students

Student Guidance

In Grade 9, students have the opportunity to participate in School and Career Guidance sessions, facilitated by a psychologist from the psycho-pedagogical department and the school's psychology team. These sessions aim to provide students with comprehensive knowledge about the various educational pathways available to them in Secondary Education, both at the national and international levels. They also provide insights into the characteristics of different professions in the working world. 

The School and Career Guidance sessions also offer valuable information related to students' functional, vocational and aptitude profiles. This guidance serves as a support system for students when making vocational choices for their future in Secondary Education. 

Furthermore, the psycho-pedagogical department is available to students, providing tailored support and guidance to address their individual needs and those of their families. The department's goal is to promote the necessary foundation for the holistic development and bio-psychosocial balance of each student.

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