Welcome Message from Head of Secondary School

Vanda Ramos | Head of Secondary School

Welcome to St. Peter’s International School.

Secondary School education allows for the continuation of studies through the creation of a personalised curriculum, based on the academic interests of each student.

Guided towards the pursuit of higher education, the scientific-humanistic courses anticipate the necessary requirements for the student’s entry into university. The development of communication skills, critical thinking and the ability to solve problems are objectives to be met by the team of teachers who accompany students at St. Peter’s International School, with the formalism and rigor that this level of education requires.

Through complementary experiences, students are given the possibility to develop soft skills that enrich their curriculum and make their learning more meaningful. On the other hand, the support provided on the path to higher education, helps the student to make a conscientious choice of the university he/she intends to follow.

The school also offers a vast language certification program, offering the respective diploma, which is so important for the global market which our students will encounter in their professional career. Following the example of the best international schools, we also offer the Classical Studies course, which allows students to study classical languages ​​and literature.

Our continued presence in the top 10 positions of the national school league tables is evidence of our constant effort to provide students with the best conditions for applications to national and international universities.