With determination and commitment to always provide the best educations to our students, St. Peter’s School has developed the Secondary Education with the same criteria of rigor and demand present in the previous teaching levels, proposing a level of excellence that guarantees our students entry into Higher Education in the courses and Universities that they aspire to.

Oriented towards the pursuit of studies at a higher level, Secondary Education aims to deepen knowledge in the area for which the student has been most inclined throughout their academic career. In this sense, students at St. Peter’s International School are guided by stable and competent teaching staff, responsible for the systematic monitoring of the student in the acquisition of the skills and contents of the various subjects.

Given the importance which St. Peter’s International School gives to the development and acquisition of a higher level of foreign language proficiency, continuity and development of language skills is ensured by enabling students in Secondary Education to obtain official certificates issued by the British Council, the Cervantes Institute, the Goethe-Institut and the Confucius Institute. Therefore, St. Peter’s International School promotes a preparation schedule for the various levels of examinations, enabling students to attend both working sessions and the examinations without having to go to the said institutes.

Being integrated in an institution guided by principles that promote the integral formation of the individual, students at St. Peter’s International School also benefit from a wide range of extracurricular offers, organised with a view to the promotion of artistic development and the practice of sports. In this sense, both the school and our students are represented both at a School Sports level and with various Sports Federations.