The subjects taught in Portuguese follow the national curriculum, as the subjects taught in English follow a programme adapted to our specific needs, with a view to a more rigorous approach. As such, our English programs, which integrate different levels of study, are developed with the aim of aggregating the National Curriculum to the University of Cambridge English exams, since it is our aim to certify our students through these exams.


St. Peter’s International School aims to involve students in the events and traditions of the Anglo-Saxon culture. Our teachers are native speakers, which allows students to get greater insight into the details of the language, as well as the cultural idiosyncrasies that occur inside and outside the classroom.

Embedded in a bilingual teaching context, we provide our students with the necessary tools to successfully achieve their personal goals in what is an increasingly demanding and competitive world, where English is absolutely decisive for both their academic and professional future.

In the 10th, 11th and 12th years of schooling, in addition to the English classes, our students also have the possibility to attend Exam Preparation Classes for the different Cambridge exam levels: FCE; CAE and CPE. These sessions take place after the curriculum classes and allow students to acquire a more advanced certification regarding their level of English.

Our assessment process focuses on the five main language skills: Reading; Writing; Use of English; Listening and Speaking. These skills are assessed separately in different contexts, reflecting the diversity of circumstances in which a language is used. Writing skills (Reading; Writing; Use of English and Listening) are assessed in more formal tests as well as in other activities such as creative writing; literary analysis or listening to various media. Speaking skills are assessed in oral presentations, role-plays, classroom discussions and many other activities, many of them simulations of everyday situations.