Welcome Message from Head of Primary School

José Henrique | Head of Primary School

Welcome to the Primary School at St. Peter’s International School.

Primary School at St. Peter’s International School is synonymous with passion, challenges, interest, rigor, excellence and humanism. It provides our students with the opportunity to develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity and collaboration, making them active members of a society that changes every minute.

The Primary Education at St. Peter’s International School offers a differentiated curriculum in both Portuguese and English, using the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning Methodology), and bases its educational approach on values of academic and moral excellence. It offers its students a high academic standard, a quality teaching environment and provides a solid personal and social education, built through the development and acquisition of syllabus, skills, values and behaviour.

Aware of the demanding standards that characterise our teaching, we advocate a philosophy based on differentiated pedagogy; in this sense, this sector has a unique curriculum matrix that stands out for the specificity and demand of the program, as well as for the curricular organization. In this way, we recommend personalised teaching in different subject areas, resulting in individual or small group sessions, according to the specific characteristics of the students.

This set of principles is based on an effective educational practice which reveals, in addition to the cognitive aspect, a connection with the ethical, aesthetic and affective elements of learning, thus becoming a guideline for the consistency of a permanent and systematic combination of values and affection.

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