Children’s experiences in their first years are closely related to the quality of care and attention they receive. Childhood is a fundamental stage of a child’s life and the first thirty-six months of their lives are particularly important for their physical, emotional and intellectual development.

In this respect, we seek to provide a friendly and warm learning environment where children can engage in learning and develop in a global, peaceful and caring environment.

It is our priority to provide a personalized welcome (to babies/children and their families), paying attention to each individual’s characteristics and habits, in a perspective of acceptance and respect, transmitting affection and creating a family environment around the little ones.


Establishing positive interactions, creating a stable, organized and at the same time flexible routine, free activities, playful and attentive, while modelling positive behaviour, as well as having an adult available at all times are the great strategies of curriculum development. Not to mention, and never forgetting, the importance of establishing collaborative relationships with families and other professionals in Education.

Babies and toddlers need attention to their physical and psychological needs; a relationship with someone they trust; a safe, healthy and appropriate environment for development; opportunities to interact with other children; freedom to explore using all their senses.

It is our goal to foster the quality of development at each stage, respecting each child’s individual pace in our private nursery.

In order to guarantee a quality system and organisation, our private Nursery School is based on the Key Procedures Handbook (Social Security) in the elaboration of documents, plans, grids and procedures defined internally.