We aim to create a calm, loving and caring environment where the child feels safe when learning English, fostering and encouraging each child’s individual development by respecting their pace and preferences.


In nursery school, we provide a variety of structured and well-organised English language learning activities, allowing the children to develop their speaking and social competences in this new language.  Throughout this school year, the Sweetie’s boys and girls will be learning and having fun in English through games, stories, music, role-play, drama classes and art.

We use puppets, story books, puzzles, costumes, music, flashcards, felt boards, art materials, St Peter´s workbook, white board and games…

The early years of life lay the foundation for a child’s lifelong development. From the time of conception to the first day of kindergarten, development proceeds at a pace exceeding that of any subsequent stage of life (National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, 2000).


We aim to provide a secure, stable, nurturing and trusting atmosphere for infants and toddlers as they make the transition from home to school. We strive to create exciting, stimulating and challenging experiences and fun activities in English; constructed specifically to meet the child’s needs at the different stages of development and value their achievements, unique strengths and individual growth. We also encourage infant and toddlers’ innate drive to explore and master their environment by providing a variety of play-like activities in English that will help ensure their optimal speech, language and communication development in a natural and spontaneous way.

Playful routines

Children will listen to spoken English through carefully planned developmental activities and other fun experiences and opportunities, engaging in reciprocal communicative interactions rich in linguistic information, considered a powerful tool for language learning.