“CLASSICAL STUDIES” starts in Year 10 and accompanies students until the 12th grade in all scientific areas. The programme and the teaching materials were designed and developed in partnership with the CLENARDVS ASSOCIATION: Promotion and Teaching of Culture and Classical Languages, a partner of the Directorate General of Education, and CENTER OF CLASSICAL STUDIES of the Faculdade de Letras of the University of Lisbon. This subject is of compulsory attendance is forty-five minutes per week. This course provides students with a double certification: a diploma in the area of Classical Studies and the University of Cambridge Latin exams, often a factor valued by international and national Universities, in various scientific areas, among which Medicine, Science and Technology, as well as artistic areas, law, languages, media and International relations.

During these three years, students study millenary works such as the Oedipus King, the Antigone, Oresteia, Metamorphosis, among others. During the classes, the students walk the paths of classical culture, allowing them knowledge of etymological roots, cultural and scientific influences that have traveled through hundreds of years until today.