Welcome Message from Head of Junior School

Pedro Mata | Head of Junior & Middle School

Welcome to St. Peter´s International School.

Junior and Middle School take on a humanistic approach, in which our students are welcomed with open arms and cared for by a united, caring, dedicated and extremely professional teaching team. With a differentiated curriculum centered on the child and his/her expectations, we provide extremely enriching experiences, in which the student is challenged to take an active and critical role in their learning process.

In our curricular plan, students are encouraged to work in groups and to communicate in several languages, taking on a collaborative attitude where pedagogical strategies are designed to meet their educational needs and their individual profile.

The English language continues to have a very significant role throughout these teaching levels, during which our students are able to successfully complete an international certification with the University of Cambridge. With the school’s Ethos based on reciprocal kindness and respect, sports, arts and the specific knowledge of different subject areas are a constant presence in a context which is in permanent adaptation to current academic models. The dynamic contexts and the differentiated approach adopted in the classroom, the extra support lessons and reinforcement of contents, as well as sessions which develop skills and study techniques, contribute to the acquisition of progressively more elaborated competencies.

The Vocational Guidance sessions, developed during Year 9, offer relevant information regarding the student’s functional and aptitude profile, supporting him/her at the moment of their vocational choice.