Internal Assessment

Some of the students’ work is assessed by the IB teachers over the duration of the course. This procedure is part of the Internal Assessment component in which teachers mark individual pieces of work. This grade counts as a percentage of the student’s overall IB score.
A sample of the teacher-marked work is sent to a moderator who then evaluates the teacher’s application of the grading criteria.
For further information regarding the assessment criteria, please consult the following site:

Mock Exams

Over the course of the two years of the Diploma Programme, students will undergo Mock Exams. This type of assessment will include all the written examination papers for all the subjects and will be carried out in exam conditions.
The purpose of these exams is to acquaint students with exam procedures and regulations as well as help students assess their knowledge and, as a result, construct an effective revision plan.

Predicted Grades

The Predicted Grade (PG) is the teacher’s prediction of the grade the candidate is expected to achieve in the subject taught. The grade is estimated in accordance with all of the evidence of the candidate’s work and the teacher’s knowledge of the IB standards and criteria.


External Assessment

External Assessment refers to work that is conducted and orientated by teachers and then graded externally by examiners. End-of-course exams are the main instruments of external assessment, but this also includes work such as the Extended Essay and the TOK essay.

To achieve the IB Diploma, there are several requirements, outlined in the IB Guide (Failing Conditions). Among other requirements, we highlight the following:

  • Failure to comply with the requirements for CAS;
  • A total score lower than 24 points;
  • Obtaining grade N in any subject;
  • Obtaining grade E in Theory of Knowledge or Extended Essay;
  • Achieving grade 1 in any subject or level;
  • Obtaining grade 2 in three or more subjects (SL or HL);
  • Achieving grade 3 or lower in four or more subjects (SL or HL);
  • Achieving 12 points or lower in the HL subjects (for candidates who enrolled in four HL subjects, the top three results will be considered);
  • Achieving 9 points or lower in SL subjects (for candidates who have enrolled in two SL disciplines, they must obtain at least 5 SL points).