2022 IB Diploma Results

Telma Luís Fresta

The St. Peter’s International School Community wishes to congratulate all IB Diploma Programme graduates who successfully completed their course and achieved amazing results. After two years of challenges and constant change, our students rose to the occasion and did their utmost to achieve their goals. We are extremely proud of their achievements – 100% pass rate! Well done to all our graduates! We wish them all the very best as they begin another stage in their lives, which will undoubtedly be prosperous and bright!

— Telma Luís Fresta, International Curriculum Coordinator

Gonçalo - Best IB Score (45/45)

My best piece of advice would be to use the syllabus of your courses, and your teachers as much as you can. Many students forget and overlook the importance of resources like the syllabus, which are there to help you, and tell you exactly what to study and focus on. Additionally, teachers not only want to help you, but they also have a lot more experience and you should never feel ashamed to ask them for advice or help on a certain skill. If I had not taken initiative and regularly spoken to my teachers, I would never have achieved the score I have.