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St. Peter’s provides the Cambridge International course from Primary to IGCSE, all taught in English. This international pathway provides our students with the necessary preparation for the IB Diploma, also offered at our school, as well as for higher education and for their professional careers in Portugal and abroad. 

Our school is certified to teach the UK-accredited Cambridge International courses, and does so in an engaging manner with excellent success. Our Cambridge programmes offer study in a spectrum of disciplines, including English as a first and second language, mathematics, science, ICT and Global Perspectives. This is a unique opportunity for our students to immerse in a multicultural educational context which will stimulate their curiosity, deepen their academic knowledge and nurture their humanitarian spirit.

Why Choose Our School to Study the Cambridge Curriculum?

The International Section offers academically challenging and balanced programmes which are structured in such a way that develop the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being of our students.

It is our aim to prepare students for effective participation in a rapidly evolving and increasingly global society. To do this, the Cambridge Curriculum courses allow students to acquire breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding. The methodology followed in the international section undoubtedly prepares our students to use the knowledge and skills they acquire, helping them to become active, caring and determined members of society in the future.

Cambridge Primary

Cambridge Primary starts learners on an exciting educational journey. Typically for 5 to 11-year-olds, it provides a strong foundation for students at the beginning of their schooling before progressing through the Cambridge Pathway in an age-appropriate way. At St. Peter’s, alongside the national Primary curriculum, we will offer Grades 1 and 5 of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum in September 2023, and expand the programme every year, until we offer the complete Cambridge Primary in the international section. 

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Cambridge Lower Secondary Course Outline

The Cambridge Lower Secondary (CLS) curriculum is a globally-accepted course for students aged 12 to 14 years. It offers an educational programme which combines a world-class curriculum used in schools around the world, developing students to become confident and responsible individuals with an innovative mindset.  

This programme builds skills, knowledge and understanding in different subject areas, including English as a first and second language, mathematics, science, ICT and Global Perspectives.   

Cambridge learners build more than just a deep understanding of their subject. Being a student of the Cambridge Pathway (CLS and IGCSE) means: 

  • Developing the higher- order thinking skills to apply what they have learned. 

  • Solving problems creatively. 

  • Thinking for themselves. 

  • Doing their own research and communicating it. 

  •  Working with other people on a project they have designed together. 

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Cambridge Lower Secondary Subject Options

Enrolled CLS entrants may continue their international school career following Middle School tuition, as the curriculum develops the skills and knowledge to prepare them for a smooth transition to the IGCSE programme, offered in Grade 9. 

The subjects offered in St. Peter’s Cambridge Lower Secondary course include:  

  • English / Portuguese as a First Language 

  • English / Portuguese as a Second Language 

  • Spanish or Mandarin as a Foreign Language 

  • ICT 

  • Art and Design 

  • Physical Education 

  • Drama 

  • Mathematics 

  • Science 

  • Global Perspectives 

  • History 

  • Geography 

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Cambridge Lower Secondary Assessment

The Cambridge Lower Secondary School curriculum assesses learning objectives at each stage. Students develop the skills and knowledge that will prepare them for a smooth transition to the Cambridge Upper Secondary IGCSE programme, and progress is evaluated by the school's internal evaluation process. 

Internal Evaluation 

CLS assessments provide an international benchmark that helps to:  

  • Identify learner strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Develop further teaching and learning support using the information from the test results. 

  • Provide learners with a statement of achievement at the end of their lower secondary schooling (grade 8). 

External Evaluation 

At the end of Grade 7, students take ‘Progression Tests’ in Mathematics, English and Science, which provide detailed information on the student’s performance.  

These tests are prepared by Cambridge International but carried out under exam conditions at our school and corrected by our teachers, following specific criteria.  

At the end of Grade 8 (final year of Cambridge Lower Secondary), students take ‘Checkpoint Tests’ in Mathematics, English, Science and Global Perspectives. These tests are prepared and corrected by Cambridge International and carried out under exam conditions at school.  

Each student receives a report with feedback on their performance, compared to the class average, and compared to the other candidates worldwide. 

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Cambridge IGCSE Course Outline

The Cambridge IGCSE course is suited to children aged 14 to 16 and is an ideal progression from the Lower Secondary qualification. It offers a robust, broad-ranging course and is the most popular international qualification in the world, with over 800,000 registrations annually in 140 countries.  

The Cambridge IGCSE provision is a great foundation for further study, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma and other post-16 routes.  

During this 2-year course in Grades 9 and 10 at St. Peter’s, Senior Secondary learners have the opportunity to study 8 subjects, which include the following as core compulsory subjects: a first language, a second language, Mathematics, and a Science and Physical Education subject. Each subject option requires 130 hours of formal tuition over 2 years, as specified by the Cambridge Assessment body for International Education. 

At our school, students receive the individualised support they need to secure top results in the IGCSE exams and key learning strategies.  

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IGCSE Subject Options

Cambridge IGCSE helps students to develop their knowledge and understanding, as well as skills in subject content and intellectual enquiry. Cambridge IGCSE has been designed for students worldwide, including those whose English is not their first language. We offer students the flexibility to choose from around 16 subjects at Cambridge IGCSE, meaning they can study the subjects they enjoy and are best at. 

The subjects currently offered at St. Peter’s International School are:

  • Portuguese (Mother tongue)
  • Portuguese (Foreign Language)
  • English (Mother tongue)
  • English (Foreign Language)
  • Spanish (Foreign Language)
  • Mandarin (First Language)
  • Environmental Management
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • History
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Art and Design
  • Physical Education


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IGCSE Assessment

Cambridge IGCSE assessment takes place at the end of the course and can include written, oral, coursework and practical assessment. This broadens opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning, particularly when their first language is not English. In many subjects there is a choice between core and extended curricula, making Cambridge IGCSE suitable for a wide range of abilities. 

Mock Exams 

Throughout the two years of the IGCSE programme, students will undergo Mock Exams. This type of assessment will include all the elements of written examinations in all subjects and will be conducted under exam conditions. 

The purpose of these exams is to familiarise students with examination procedures and regulations as well as to help them assess their own knowledge and, as a result, build an effective study plan. 

IGCSE Examinations 

Cambridge’s official IGCSE examination sessions occur at the end of the course, in June. Results are issued in August. 

IGCSE subjects will be assessed using the A* to G grade system, with A* being the highest. This system is recommended by Cambridge Assessment International Education and recognised by the Portuguese Ministry of Education with the following conversion table: 

IGCSE (A* to E)  Grading Scale - Portuguese National Curriculum (0 to 20 points) 
A*  20
A 19
B 17
C 15
D 13
E 10


Learn More About IGCSE

Cambridge qualifications are recognised by prestigious international universities as a high-quality secondary school qualification.

The Cambridge IGCSE English as Second Language Certification is accepted for entry to many UK Sixth Forms and Colleges. A good grade (grade C or above) in Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language is accepted for entry by several universities in the UK as evidence of competence in the English language.

Cambridge IGCSE qualifications are accepted as equivalent to GCSEs in many countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom.

Internationally-recognised Cambridge qualifications offer students a complete programme of necessary skills to progress successfully in Secondary and Higher Education as well as outstanding preparation for admission to top international universities.

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