Building futures

From 14 to 18 years old

As the first international school in the area with a Boarding House, St. Peter’s offers a home away from home just 30 minutes from Portugal’s capital of Lisbon. Our on-site boarding house is an extension of St. Peter’s commitment to excellence and offers the flexibility of weekly or full boarding.

When students become a St. Peter’s boarder, they receive an international and individualised education in an exciting, safe and secure environment. Located in an area surrounded by mountains and the sea, our on-campus boarding school enables students to enjoy an enriching range of extracurricular activities either during the week or the weekends, while developing life skills and nurturing lifelong friendships. 


Come for the education, stay for the experience

Our mission at St Peter’s International School is centred around the integral development of each child, giving value to academic and professional success, based on attitudes, practices, and structured principals that contribute to growth.  

We have consistently ranked in the top positions in academic league tables, and with a growing demand from numerous national and international families, our new service, the St Peter's Boarding House opens in September 2021.

Our boarding students will benefit from:

  • 24/7 access to a premium education and academic excellence
  • The best teachers and individualised pastoral care
  • A safe and secure community of international students from over 40 different nationalities
  • Extracurricular activities during the week and at the weekends, including sports
  • A perfect location close to Lisbon (and its international airport), amazing beaches and a natural park
  • A boarding life that develops independence, personal growth and community spirit
  • Time saved on commuting or weekends freed up for quality family time

Modern, double rooms and state-of-the-art equipment

St. Peter’s Boarding House provides bright, contemporary, and comfortable living accommodation with personal study space, study areas, communal living spaces and Wi-Fi.

Our boarders make friendships that last a lifetime and enjoy a full and enriching week with free time after lessons. We offer trips, clubs, leadership opportunities, competitions, cultural, sports, and social activities during weekends and school breaks – all in addition to daily educational support, tailored to the needs of each age group and curriculum.


Why choose boarding?

More time learning, better results

Boarding means students are immersed in academics and extracurricular activities 24 hours a day, gaining access to teachers, peers, and school facilities such as art studios, sports pitches, and libraries. Boarders are better positioned to achieve prestigious qualifications and advanced degrees.

Boarders become ‘family’

Our teams work hard every day to create an ethos of community and family; our boarders learn from this an empathy and an understanding of others that can be life changing. We watch their journey from tolerance, to acceptance and celebration of the diversity in their boarding families.

Improved wellbeing 

In a world of increasing mental health concerns, where social media can isolate and undermine student self-esteem, our boarding family develops gratitude for what is good and going well in our lives. An optimistic young person will develop into a happy and flourishing adult. 

Weekly Boarding – better family balance  

Boarding locally relieves stress on working families and busy parents by lessening time spent on commuting. It also means spending quality family time together during weekends and school holidays as students are still close to home. At St. Peter’s, we actively encourage parents of our boarders to engage fully in their child’s education and to see their children regularly through attending concerts, sports matches, house social events and plays.  

Full Boarding – students from all over the world 

For those who live further away, the St. Peter’s Boarding House is a home away from home. Full boarders have around the clock access to facilities and co-curricular opportunities, offering stability for students and parents alike. 


At St. Peter’s we are committed to shaping well-rounded independent individuals, and so we are delighted to now be able to offer 24/7 premium education. The new boarding residence allows our students to focus on academic excellence in the week, with the chance to benefit and experience from our incredible extracurricular activities.

— Troy Looms, Head of Boarding

Register your interest and we will talk you through the options

If you’re interested in finding out more or wish to apply for a space at our Boarding House for your child, please contact us and we will discuss your application.