The success of St. Peter’s International School has been confirmed by the constant presence of students who have completed secondary education at this institution. The existence of a dynamic that encompasses contact between former students and those who still attend school is a model based on a sharing of knowledge and life experiences that enrich the path of our students. In this context, the creation of the group of former students will not only promote the image of the institution where they grew up, but also boost a range of initiatives that will enrich all the elements that make up the educational community. Examples are the mediation of contacts between universities and the school, the constructive criticism of our training offers or the contribution to the definition of strategies and actions, according to the range of opportunities that exist.



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The fact that the school is bilingual is, for me, one of the biggest advantages. Today, I realize the need to know English. Having contact with this universal language since the age of six is an advantage that few students of my generation know. It’s an asset in the professional field, especially in the career I intend to pursue. In addition, I recognize that the fact that I grew up in the same environment during the twelve years I spent at St. Peter’s allowed me to forge lifelong friendships.

— Ágata Swiatkiewicz, Alumni

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to study at St Peter’s. It was there that I learnt study methods, developed my skills and realized what my professional vocation was. We are guided and prepared for what awaits us in the real professional world. The level of demand is high, but always supported by the constant support, delivery and dedication of the teachers. We are motivated to work and fight to make our dreams come true. Much of my education, success and happiness are the result of my passage through St Peter’s, and for that I will be forever grateful.

— Catarina Arroz Oliveira, Alumni

At St Peter’s International School you will find teachers who leave no doubt to be cleared, nor any problem unresolved because they do everything they can do to help us, even if it is not related to the subject, simply because they care about us and about our well-being. They know when to be ‘the teacher’ and when to be ‘the friend’. I learned a lot and in the best way, thanks not only to the people, but to all the excellent conditions they offer.

— Afonso Monteiro, Alumni