Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that may have remained unanswered. If your question is not answered here, do not hesitate to contact us.

General Questions

St. Peter´s International School is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 7:00pm.  

• School hours: 8:30am to 4:45pm (depending on the school level). 

• The extracurricular activities take place during the lunch break and from 4:00pm onwards. 

• After school hours are from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. 

The school is closed to students during the month of August. However, services related to national exams, the application process for higher education and administrative matters continue to function.

At this moment the school does not have any course with these options.  

Open Days allow students in the 9th grade and secondary education (grades 10-12) to contact various Portuguese and foreign universities, public and private, and military education establishments (army, navy and air force) through stands with information about the different courses taught by each institution, entry requirements scholarships and other information. Lectures on each college are given to offer more personalized explanations about the courses taught.

This is an initiative carried out by the school to help with student’s vocational orientation, both for secondary education and for higher education. We consider it appropriate to share this type of information with all young people who wish to enter a higher education institution, to give them an opportunity to clarify their questions about the options to be taken.

Family Day is a traditional day in our School. It is a themed event organized annually in which the school opens its doors to encourage our students’ families to socialise in an informal and fun atmosphere. 

Yes, our new Boarding Residence is available for the 2021-22 school year. For more information, please visit our Boarding page

During study visits, students are accompanied by the teachers who have organised the visit and by educational assistants, according to the ratio of students to employees required. 

Enrolment & Registration

Enrolment takes place between 15th April and 15th June. The school may adopt other dates which will be published on the website. 

To enrol your child, the following documents must be presented:   

  • identification document of the student, parents / guardians (CC, Passport and/or residence permit); 

  • the student’s tax identification number (NIF); 

  • the health number /beneficiary card; 

  • the social security identification number (NISS); 

  • proof of address of the area of residence; 

  • the updated vaccination bulletin; 

  • 1 colour photo, passport-type. 

Registration refers to the first enrolment in pre-school or in the compulsory education system (Grade 1 of Primary School or any other year in case of transfers of students coming from international education systems).   

Renewals of registration take place whenever a student moves from one school year to the next, after having already enrolled for the first time in the system.  

When renewing registration, the documents that have been submitted at registration or at the renewal of registration for the transition to an upper grade are verified. 

From grade 2 to 9 and in pre-school, renewal of registration is carried out up to the 3rd working day after the student’s school situation is resolved. 

Registration and/or renewal of registration in Secondary School is carried out by the 3rd working day after the student’s school situation is resolved. 

When and how can I transfer my child from an educational institution? 

As this is a renewal of registration with transfer of school, it is carried out up to the 3rd working day after the student’s school status has been defined.  

The request for renewal of registration is presented preferably online, via the computer application available on the Registration Portal and must be communicated by the parents to the school, which in turn sends the process to the desired educational establishment, according to the indication of priorities.  

If the parent does not apply for renewal of registration online, it may presented, in person, at the school. 

Cancellation of registration only applies to students attending pre-school and to students who, during the school year, become 18 years of age and do not wish to complete the 12th year of schooling.  

From grades 1 to 12 students can only leave by transferring their registration. 

Exams and University Access

The dates for registration for the national final examinations (secondary school) are published annually, according to the applicable legislation.  

Registrations for final exams (Primary to Middle School) are carried out internally and automatically, as instructed by the Ministry of Education. 

The ENES form is produced and submitted after the publication of the 12th grade exam guidelines for students with active registration in the school year.  

Students with valid exams but not registration in the school year may request the ENES form according to the terms and dates to be indicated annually, according to the applicable legislation. 

The qualification certificate is produced and delivered after the conclusion of the 12th grade.  

Students who do not attend the school and wish to obtain a qualification certificate (2nd copy of the certificate) must send the application (link to the form) duly completed. 


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