School Trip to the Universities of Minho, Braga and Guimarães – Grades 11 and 12

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School Trip to the Universities of Minho, Braga and Guimarães – Grades 11 and 12
November 20, 2017
School Trip to the Universities of Minho, Braga and Guimarães – Grades 11 and 12
From 8th to 10th November, secondary school students took part in a school trip to the cities of Braga and Guimarães, with the main objective of learning about the different courses offered by the University of Minho.

Each student visited the relevant institutions based on their academic preferences and the area he / she studies, allowing student not only to hear about the entry requirement, study plans of each course, job prospects and the employability rate, but also to see the facilities, protocols and projects established present at each site.
On the first day, students studying the Science and Technology course visited faculties related to health, medicine and nursing; on the second day, courses related to the areas of engineering, mechanics, electronics and industrial management. They visited laboratories and research centres, where research is carried out on problematic issues that impact the quality of life in our society.

Students studying the Socio-Economic Sciences course visited the School of Engineering - Information Systems Management and the School of Economics and Management, where they were shown the structure of the respective courses.

The Language and Humanities students visited the Law School, with courses in criminology and law, as well as the School of Economics and Management, where they learnt about courses in Political Sciences and International Relations.

On the first day, the Visual Arts students went to the Institute of Letters and Human Sciences, where they visited the School of Theatre and then the Institute of Design of Guimarães. On the second day, they visited the Higher School of Art of Guimarães where they heard about the course in Architecture and Illustration.

As a complement to this trip, students took part in other activities related to their own cultural interests and specificities of the course that each student attends. We visited different places that constitute a relevant cultural / scientific / business heritage, such as the Guimarães Castle, Paço dos Duques de Bragança, the Bom Jesus Sanctuary of Braga, the José Guimarães International Arts Centre and the Platform for Arts and Creativity, as well as the Centre for Art and Architecture, and the Fly London Group shoe company. Throughout these visits we were accompanied by monitors with technical and historical training, who helped develop our students’ knowledge and critical spirit.

We also attended a jazz concert at the 26th edition of Guimarães Jazz, with guitarist Nels Cline, who presented his Lovers project, accompanied by the Guimarães Orchestra.

We had a dinner on the highest point of Braga, with a panoramic view, in one of the historical hotels of the city, in the Bom Jesus area. Besides the well-deserved rest in a very welcoming spot, students benefitted from an unforgettable moment of fun.

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