St. Peter's International School

O Colégio St. Peter´s School assenta numa formação educativa desde jardim-de-infância até à faculdade. 1º ciclo, 2ºciclo, 3ºciclo, secundário. Localizado em Palmela, Lisboa

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St. Peter's Internacional School prides itself in being a unique teaching establishment which offers its students the opportunity to be immersed in the Anglo-Saxon culture, whilst receiving a bilingual education. Our pupils are able to master the English language and simultaneously develop an understanding of both the Portuguese and English cultures. Subjects taught in Portuguese follow the Portuguese National syllabus, whilst subjects taught in the English language follow a syllabus adapted to our specific needs and more rigorous approach. As such, our English programmes, at the various levels of study, are developed to assimilate the English National Curriculum, with the Cambridge English examinations in mind, as one of our objectives is to certify our students in these exams.

 We at St. Peter's Internacional School aim to give our students an insight into many of the events and traditions that are typical to the Anglo-Saxon culture. Our teachers are native speakers of the language, allowing for a closer approach to both the details of the language as well as its cultural idiosyncrasies both inside and outside the classroom.

By embarking on a bilingual teaching method we provide our students with the necessary tools to successfully reach their personal objectives in an increasingly demanding and competitive world, where knowledge of English is an essential qualification for our students' future, both academically and professionally.